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The Alpha's Scarred Mate

Dog Hills Pack #1

An omega looking for something more.

Five years ago, Remy Lovell and his mother were exiled from their Dog Hills pack and left to fend for themselves. When they joined the Meadow Lake wolves, it was with the hope that they could start again and build a new life for themselves. When Remy rejects the newly risen alpha’s offer to mate, he’s marked as a traitor and sentenced to die.

An alpha with a missing piece of his heart.

Colby Thorne couldn’t forget his first love. They had something as teenagers, but when Remy and his mother disappeared, a piece of Colby’s heart went missing with him. Remy’s return ignites a passion inside of Colby that he never imagined he would be able to feel again. He promises himself that he only wants to help his former friend, but the feelings are stronger than ever.

Reunited at last.

As the future Head Alpha, Colby offers to keep Remy safe and help him through his pain, but Remy’s resistance, and his hatred for alphas, makes their alliance an uneasy one. Remy’s return has dangerous consequences, and these two unlikely allies must work together to keep the Dog Hills Pack, and Remy, safe.

The Alpha’s Scarred Mate is a gay romance novel set in an omegaverse with alpha, beta, and omega dynamics. This world also features wolf shifters, knotting, and themes of male pregnancy (mpreg). This second chance love story is part of a series, but has a HFN ending with no cheating.

***While mpreg is possible in this world, this book does NOT contain an mpreg storyline. However, book #1.5 (The Alpha’s Birthday Gift) does.***

The Alpha's Birthday Gift

Dog Hills Pack #1.5

Happily mated for five years, Colby Thorne and Remy Lovell have almost everything going for them. Almost. They’ve been trying to expand their family for the last three years and found nothing but failure and disappointment at every turn. Reaching their breaking point, the couple are too defeated to keep trying. It comes out of nowhere when Remy finds out that he’s finally fallen pregnant. 

With Colby’s birthday coming up, Remy knows that the news of the pregnancy will be the best gift his alpha mate could ever receive but he doesn’t want to stop there. A surprise party will enable them to share their happiness with their nearest and dearest. When Colby’s mother pushes her way into the organisation of the party, Remy can’t help but bristle at the intrusion. 

Determined to make this the best birthday his mate has ever had, he tolerates Meredith Thorne’s impossible standards and does his best to meet them. Everyone has their breaking point, however, and she pushes Remy right over his. Will Remy’s mother-in-law ruin what should be the happiest moment of their lives, or will Remy bow to her ridiculous demands? 

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The Alpha's Miracle Baby

Dog Hills Pack #2

An omega who needs answers.

Remy Lovell’s life is in danger. When a failed murder attempt makes him realize he’s a target, he demands answers. Not only does this attempt nearly kill him, but it sends him into an early labor. The only positive is that he and Colby’s son came into the world earlier than expected.

An alpha protecting his family.

As Head Alpha, Colby Thorne has the difficult task of balancing his home, work, and pack life, and he finds himself struggling under the pressure. He would do anything to protect his mate and son, and if that means putting a pack member in prison for attempted murder, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

Finding justice.

To figure out who’s hunting Remy, they’ll need to consult their greatest enemy. What Tyke offers them could either save Remy’s life or put them in more peril. When someone kidnaps their son, Colby and Remy must work together to get him back by any means possible. As secrets unravel, they find themselves floundering as traitors are revealed.
This book contains the following themes: Shifters, mpreg, knotting, and ABO dynamics. It's part of a series and is best read in order.