Do you want to be part of my ARC team? Then fill out this form! While I can't promise I'll have room on my team for you, I can definitely keep you in mind if a position opens up.

I understand the thought of free books is a great prospect, but by joining my ARC team, you are committing yourself to writing honest reviews for each book that you receive. This helps more readers find my books so I can build my audience. So your help is definitely appreciated :)

All of my books will be gay romance, but range in genres within that romance. So please make sure you note what you do and don't read!

So how does it work?

• I write a book. Yay!

• Once it's been edited and ready to market, I'll take a look at my list of ARC team members, find those who are interested in the genre of that current book and contact them with the blurb and information about the timetable (when I need the review by, etc).

• As an ARC team member, you'll have a choice on whether you're interested in reviewing it or not. You do not have to accept the book for review if you do not have the time or you don't like the sound of it. Being a part of this team doesn't mean you have to read and review every book I write.

• If you're interested, send me back an email and I'll send you the book. When the book's links are available, I'll send them to you too! Easy peasy!

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Note: If the form refreshes, the chances are I've received it. I've had some trouble with the form app and I'm working on fixing this. If I don't get back to you in a few days, that means I haven't recieved it.

Do you read contemporary?
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Do you read fantasy?
Do you read dark romance? (This can range from characters with questionable morals like mob bosses to very dark romance with twisted storylines. If your views on this is subjective, make sure to add what you do/don't like in the tropes section please)
Do you read mPreg (male pregnancy)?

What tropes do you HATE in stories?

What tropes do you LOVE in stories?

Do you promise to give an honest review? And that if something in real life interferes with writing a review, that you'll contact me to let me know?

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